Convert GC ISO to Wii ISO

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Convert GC ISO to Wii ISO

Post by ManEatingCouch » Sat May 28, 2011 4:49 am

Just wondering whether or not it's feasible to convert a GC iso into a Wii iso. I know the PSP is capable of emulating the PS1, however I don't think they have the same architecture. As far as I know, the hardware is there for the Wii to play a GC iso.

Just to give me an idea, what do you think are the main obstacles to achieving such a thing?

Also, "New Play Control!" games were converted to Wii games, however they were not originally developed as cross platform. Although developed individually, in my current ignorance it seems that most of the code that needs to be converted is running on a different CPU, correct? Shouldn't that be relatively simple?

Again, forgive my ignorance, I'm simply curious. ... and without a Wode. ;{
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Re: Convert GC ISO to Wii ISO

Post by Bigjake52 » Sat May 28, 2011 6:54 am

no you can not
no you can not usb load gcn games,
swiss wii will load games off sdcard\exdide

the wiiplay controllgames were modifyed because the wii and cube are close,
but you dont have the soursce code of the games so you can not do much
and do what you can to buy a wode, whore your self out. its the best chip ever
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