[Not64][Hack] Super Mario Star Road - Status 11/16/15

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[Not64][Hack] Super Mario Star Road - Status 11/16/15

Post by Chr0n0Tr!gg3r » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:52 am

A not so easy to run hack due to the sheer amount of detail put into the rom. Still playable even though it is slow and still worth the download for any die-hard mario 64 fans as this could have been a sequel.

Super Mario Star Road

General Settings:

CPU Core: Dynarec (100% Unplayable with Pure Interpreter)

Video Settings:

Show FPS: Off
Screen Mode: 16:9
CPU Framebuffer: Off
2xSal Tex: Off
FB Textures: On

Audio Settings:

Disable Audio: Off
Speed Limit: DL
Scale Pitch: Yes

None so Far

Final Verdict
Currently Playable: Yes although it is slow. (Only tested in the overworld and the toad painting world) It is still playable and still fun if you have the patience. No graphical bugs that I can foresee.
Frames: 23-28 (Rarely above 28)

I will test this out more and include more information as I go updating the title date with the newest test date.
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