[Not64][Rom] Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Status 11/16/15

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[Not64][Rom] Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Status 11/16/15

Post by Chr0n0Tr!gg3r » Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:20 am

This one was different which surprised me, it actually runs fairly well however this is due to most of the game's textures being mismatched and broken.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

General Settings:

CPU Core: Dynarec (Half of the frames with Dynarec drop when using Pure Interpreter)

Video Settings:

Show FPS: Off
Screen Mode: 16:9
CPU Framebuffer: Off
2xSal Tex: Off
FB Textures: On

Audio Settings:

Disable Audio: Off
Speed Limit: DL
Scale Pitch: Yes

-On Initial startup the text such as the menu may either be missing or may be glitchy looking
-Map Textures and mismatched and broken
-Characters textures are gray and black (Prison Uniform as most have stated)
-Audio De-syncs no matter what on some levels (So far only tested on School)

Final Verdict
Currently Playable: Playable, just with broken textures and audio de-syncing.
Frames 30 (Although it doesn't feel like 30 (Slowmotion))

I will test multiplayer and further levels down the road, so far the audio de-syncing only happens on school.
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