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3-Point Texture Filtering

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:09 am
by segaloco
I've been digging through the code up on GitHub and was curious, where would I find the texture filtering code for this emulator? I was reading up on the algorithms behind the N64's native 3-point filtering ( ... ng-in.html) and wanted to take a swing at adding this into Wii64 for accuracy's sake. However, I'm not finding, at least with searching the terms filtering, bilinear, etc. the filtering logic anywhere in the code. Would someone be able to point me towards where texture filtering is handled in any of the graphics cores?

The closest I was able to find was in the glN64 core, there is some functionality setting OpenGL's filtering mode between GL_LINEAR AND GL_NEAREST. I assume this means the GL core is shoving the textures in and having GL do the filtering over on its end...meaning more work to get 3-point in.

Anywho, thank you, this is relatively new territory to me, so pardon if it's not as simple as just changing the filtering logic in some function somewhere.