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Generation Drive Replacement Chip
CPU Spartan 6
Flash ?Mbit onboard flash
Storage Interface SD Slot
Min Supported 4GB SDHC
Max Supported 2TB SDXC
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General information

GC Loader is GameCube DVD drive replacement that allows you boot homebrew and your existing library of games on DOL-001 and DOL-101 models. No longer do you need to worry about when your laser will burn out on your DVD drive. The GC Loader is a full replacement and acts exactly* like an original DVD drive but uses memory cards for its media.

  • Some titles will load noticeably faster compared to the original DVD drive. GC Loader also has full audio streaming support.

Available for purchase here, installation video here


  • DOL-001 and DOL-101 support
  • Minimum SDHC 4GB to maximum SDXC 2TB (theoretical) supported SD cards
  • Update via DOL file at Dans website
  • Easily launch homebrew and your existing library of games.
  • Installation is fast and simple (does require basic soldering skills)
  • Full Audio Streaming Support.
  • Swiss can read from it and launch games
  • Faster loading times compared to original DVD drive.
  • Firmware is updatable and a simple procedure


GCLoader firmware
Version Release Notes
0.9.0 beta Initial Release
0.10.0 beta Unknown


Developers meneerbeer
CPU Spartan 6
Modchip Type Drive Replacement Chip
Features Gamecube BIOS
Installation Flex cable or connector from existing drive