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Bodybuilding won't cure you of Type 2 diabetes butBlood Sugar Formula it can play a major role in maintenance by decreasing your total body weight... because it burns off fat tissue. And with weight loss comes increases in insulin sensitivity which allows many people with Type 2 diabetes to reduce the amount of insulin or oral diabetes medications needed. And the less insulin in your body, the less weight you will gain.Body builders have a strongly developed mindset when it comes to exercise and eating frequent small meals. And these are two essential elements for the management of your blood sugar levels.

First things first: If you're planning to do bodybuilding workouts to help improve your control over diabetes, be sure to talk with your doctor as no one with diabetes should embark on a major new regimen of activity without guidance.If you don't have your blood sugar under reasonable control, your doctor may suggest you do not commence on such a vigorous physical activity. Having uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes... blood sugar levels less than 70mg/dL or more than 250mg/dL (3.89mmol/L or more than 13.89mmol/L), vigorous physical activity can lead to a state known as ketosis, which can lead to problems with your kidneys or liver.

Fresh Fruits: Nearly all fruits have a low-GI. Yes, they are sweet but most will not raise your blood sugar levels too quickly. Watermelon and pineapple though are the two exceptions to this rule... they have a higher GI than other fruits. 3 servings a day is often suggested... a small apple, banana or peach constitutes a serving, as does 1/2 cup of chopped fruit or berries (avoid sugary canned fruits).