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A vicious circle forms at this point... lack Blood Sugar Formula of sleep disrupts natural body patterns, and now blood sugar levels are swinging out of control. Your kidneys then try to get rid of excess sugar through urine, meaning you will have to get up several times in the night. You may also wake up with dry mouth... another sign of high BSLs.

Meanwhile your body expects to get up and receive food at a certain time, so sleeping in on weekends can worsen the effects. Blood sugar can drop significantly during the extra hour or two spent in bed, and cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and extreme irritability... not the way most people want to spend their weekend. If you want to sleep in, get up for just a minute to eat a small snack to carry you through.

The first step to getting your testing supplies settled is having your doctor write you a prescription for one. Without it, the insurance will not accept a claim for a meter or supplies. If you haven't already contacted your insurance and found out what kind of meter and strips they cover, grab the phone and give them a call. If you cannot get through, have the doctor write the prescription for just "glucometer and testing strips". That allows whatever pharmacy or institution that you go to bill for your choice in a glucose meter and its supplies once you have heard back from the insurance. Also, be sure that the doctor writes in how often he wants you testing your blood sugars, its required for the insurance billing to get enough of a supply covered so you won't run out.