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Diabetes is a silent killer, and it can just Blood Sugar Formula lay there and we don't know we have a combination of one of the worst medical disorders that anyone could possibly have. It is like a lion laying in the grass waiting to pounce and take its prey. If we don't know we have a problem, then how can we know what to do?

Most people don't suspect that they have diabetes until they have the fuzzies and the unquenchable thirst. If we are men, we put it off for awhile, and then discount it as just feeling a bit off. If we are a woman we are off to visit the doctor, asking the questions as to why we are not feeling well, after all, menopause has come and gone, years earlier.

Diabetes is a silent killer, big time. It is associated with lots of little vague symptoms; diabetes generally doesn't kill us suddenly, although the side effects of heart attacks and strokes might. Diabetes won't kill us straight away, but it will over time, gradually causing damage to many parts of our body including many organs that give us life. Many people, who are on the verge of diabetes, do not know what is happening, until they get over the limit. Hypertension/high blood pressure and cholesterol are the main problems and often associated with excess weight.