What game or level used to scare you the most?

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What game or level used to scare you the most?

Post by lucasPeni » Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:51 pm

Hi everyone! I'm a journalist writing a Halloween story about the scariest video game levels in nostalgic, mostly kid-friendly video games. Growing up, there were numerous levels and games that scared me and made a big emotional impact on me -- the moon in Majora's Mask, Janos in Rayman 2 -- and I'd like to find out why that was the case. Do you have any game you remember in this way? What made it so terrifying?Tweakbox Appvalley https://vlc.onl
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Re: What game or level used to scare you the most?

Post by Andross89 » Fri Sep 24, 2021 9:25 am

I have never had this experience with games.

The closest to this was at the beginning of Resident Evil 2 when zombies invade the ammo store. But I was playing in the dark and it was the second 3D game I was trying to finish.

It was more a surprise by the evolution of technology than fear. I hope you get a better story than mine here.
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Re: What game or level used to scare you the most?

Post by Papy.G » Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:27 am

I don't remember beeing scaried that much, first, consoles in my generation didn't deliver the realism you could have expected from the generation of the GC and later, plus, my parents and my friends' were quite aware not to buy unappropriate target audience games, and horror/infiltration games are usually those I just runaway from. I bought my GC as an adult, my childhood game experience begun with the Oric Atmos 48k, then the GameBoy, an Atari 520STf, and a GameBoy Advance, my friends had Nes, SNES, SMS and Megadrive, a cousin had a Videopac…

If it is about the climax when trying to survive, Oric's Dracula's revenge got me stressed a lot, when you have a vamprie following you, and you fear the dawn may happen before you reach the window and open it. Forced scrolling stages in GameBoy's SML2 and Wario Land, attempts to get the space shuttle liftoff in Tetris were intense moments too.
During the first time we were locked home, I re-visited the Luidgi's Mansion from zero with my son, and there were a few jumping surprises for us two.
Don't read if you never played Link's Awakening and want to do it candidly one day.
Oh, and I had a hard time, stuck in Link's Awakening, as it was my first adventure playing experience, and I didn't dare to pour the magic powder in the Racoon's face. :mrgreen:
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