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Re: SDLoad (Slot A and B)

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:53 pm
by suloku
I wanted to reformat my sdcard for sdloader for my own reasons and found that at somepoint sdpatch was ported to linux: ... om_Windows

Any chance we can still find that port?

Re: SDLoad (Slot A and B)

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 11:52 pm
by emu_kidid
I've attached it, it needs to be compiled. It's just from here, which was linked on ... om_Windows (but now via

Re: SDLoad (Slot A and B)

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:05 am
by suloku
Strange, I did try wayback machine...many thanks!

Re: SDLoad (Slot A and B)

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:07 pm
by suloku
Just for future reference, in case someone wants to format the FAT16 SD card and patch it for SD loader:

Format SD card to FAT16: I'd recommend minitool partition wizard (freeware). Command line for linux (mkdosfs) and OSX (newfs_msdos).

Then we need to patch the SD card:

Method 1 (winXP): windows XP (or winXP in a virtual machine, like virtualbox) use sdpatch.exe
Method 2 (linux): under linux, use sdpatch linux port as documented here: ... NU.2FLinux
Method 3 (GC): if already able to run GC homebrew, use sdpatch.dol
Method 4 (Wii): Install the cMIOS "MIOSWiiGator0.2" (MIOS Patcher with base v10). Then use wiixplorer to run swiss as a gamecube homebrew. THEN you can use swiss to boot sdpatch.dol from SD Gecko (sdpatch.dol won't work if directly loaded trough wiixplorer, or at least it didn't for me).

I know this isn't very used anymore, but it may come handy for someone.

Just in case site gets down, the instructions for the linux sdpatch.exe port

Code: Select all

Preparing a SD card from GNU/Linux

This procedure assumes that /dev/sdcard is linked to the device node associated with your SD card reader (e.g. /dev/sd[abcdef] on PC or /dev/sdcard[ab] on GameCube Linux).

Format the SD card with a FAT16 filesystem (FAT12 and FAT32 are not supported).
Compile and run the GNU/Linux port of sdpatch (see above's emu_kidid's post).
Mount the filesystem and copy SDLOADER.BIN to the root directory.

For example:

cube# mkdosfs -F16 -nSDLoad /dev/sdcard
cube# gcc -Wall sdpatch.c -o sdpatch
cube# ./sdpatch /dev/sdcard

cube# mkdir -p /media/sdcard
cube# mount -t vfat /dev/sdcard /media/sdcard
cube# cp SDLOADER.BIN /media/sdcard