Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

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Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

Post by Ralf@gc-forever » Fri May 01, 2015 2:28 pm

Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions [GACE5H]

Code: Select all

(m) [Ralf]
C61019AC 800018A8
C6111008 800018A8
21302FB0 80010014
C7302FC4 800018A8
E2000001 80008000

16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen) [Ralf]
041C5514 3FD55555
041C5518 3FC37A14

Invincibility [Ralf]
0405C698 48000048
040F27E0 60000000

Infinite Lives [Ralf]
0405DA3C 60000000
0405DB2C 60000000

Infinite Ammo [Ralf]
0405519C 60000000

All Missions Unlocked [Ralf]
040DD544 60000000

All Helicopters Unlocked [Ralf]
040D601C 60000000

All Co-Pilots Unlocked [Ralf]
040D3368 60000000
040F2780 60000000

Night Vision Mode [Ralf]
040442F4 60000000
040CA2B0 4800037C
040CA7BC 60000000

Debug Object Info [Ralf]
040CA800 60000000

Debug System Info [Ralf]
040BB7C8 60000000

Show Build [Ralf]
040E1704 48000010

Play Easy Mode [Ralf]
04061190 38600000

Play Hard Mode [Ralf]
04061190 38600002

No Shadows [Ralf]
040CA284 480003A8


Enter the following codes in the Password Menu.

Code: Select all

Cheat Passwords

Invincibility                  UP, Y, B, UP, DOWN, A, RIGHT, Y
Unlock All Helis               LEFT, DOWN, X, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, X, A
Unlock All Co-Pilots           UP, A, Y, A, DOWN, X, B, LEFT
Unlock All Helis & Co-Pilots   B, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, A, UP, B, A
Unlock Toy Copter              X, UP, UP, A, B, DOWN, A, B
Unlock UFO                     DOWN, RIGHT, B, DOWN, UP, A, X, B
Unlock Zeppelin & Baron        X, Y, B, LEFT, A, B, X, UP
Night Vision                   RIGHT, X, A, UP, LEFT, X, DOWN, B
Show Build                     LEFT, LEFT, A, X, B, B, UP, DOWN

Mission Passwords

02. Keep On Truckin'           UP, A, Y, RIGHT, LEFT, B, X, A
03. Where's Woodstock          Y, X, DOWN, LEFT, B, B, UP, UP
04. Toy-rrific                 A, RIGHT, LEFT, A, X, B, B, Y
05. Dog Eat Dog                DOWN, DOWN, X, B, X, B, RIGHT, A
06. Circle The Wagons          Y, A, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, Y
07. Under Construction         LEFT, B, RIGHT, DOWN, X, A, A, RIGHT
08. Bulldozer Buzz             Y, RIGHT, B, B, X, DOWN, DOWN, A
09. Beauty And The Beast       UP, A, B, LEFT, RIGHT, X, LEFT, LEFT
10. Getting A-head             Y, UP, X, A, B, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN
11. Full Plastic Jacket        X, X, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, A, Y, B
12. Bustin' Loose              RIGHT, UP, A, LEFT, X, B, Y, X
13. Scavenger Hunt             LEFT, LEFT, Y, X, A, A, DOWN, RIGHT
14. Batter Up                  B, RIGHT, X, UP, DOWN, Y, DOWN, A
15. High Heat                  LEFT, RIGHT, X, A, B, DOWN, DOWN, X
16. Missing In Action          Y, X, A, RIGHT, RIGHT, X, B, DOWN
17. Trash Talk                 B, UP, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, B, DOWN, A
18. Toxic Revenger             X, A, RIGHT, Y, B, UP, A, A
19. Saving Lt. Bombshell       DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, LEFT, UP, X, X
20. There Can Be Only Two      UP, A, X, UP, LEFT, B, X, A

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