Appreciation for Not64

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Appreciation for Not64

Post by manic.blood » Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:18 pm

Hello, its been a long time since I came around here.
Just wanted to say thank you to all the authors of wii64 and not64, especially emukidid and extrems.
Recently over the Christmas break, downloaded a recent not64 from Jun, with fixed exploding geometry
and fixed depth range issues. This small 2kb update fixed so much its amazing! All the FPS Shooters like Quake, Hexen, South Park heck even Elmo now work! :) Yes I do remember Ernie's face exploding triangles dramatically in previous versions, dramatic and both amusing!

Why Elmo? Well I was inspired upon seeing such progress with the wii64 Rice Edition and not64 Latest to test the A-Z romset of backups. Not a large collection but the progress is astounding, fantastic work! Only titles not to display correctly are the ones to come late in n64 life and are known to be notoriously difficult - RE2, Hydro Thunder, Gauntlet Legends and perhaps Castlevania. All of which I must note have been rereleased on the gamecube anyway.
Does this mean that N64 Emulation on the Wii has reached its pinnacle of success. I do believe so. Great great work!

The N64 Rom Hacking Scene is strong too, I have attached a video and also of interest recently kaze emanuar's work too as well as a map, event and asset editor for Mario Party 1 2 3 called Party Planner 64

50 Amazing N64 Romhacks
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Re: Appreciation for Not64

Post by Butterhands » Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:29 am

Thanks also by me, the best emulator to Play Cruis'n World and California Speed in the WII, allowing to switch to the D-pad (instead of the left analog stick) and the improved frame rate.
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