Let's make my GC diskless!

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Let's make my GC diskless!

Post by HiroyuYulin » Thu May 13, 2021 6:02 am

I collect Nintendo consoles, and like having access to game backups (I'm done fighting disk rot on other consoles). Older systems are cart based and have wonderful durability and options for flash carts, and the Wii and beyond have fantastic software hacks to enable backups to be played off hard disks.

But in the middle we are stuck with the Gamecube. I initially ordered some Xeno zen8 modchips from China and some WiiSD memory adapters with the idea of just playing burned backups. But after thinking about having to deal with the price of mini DVDs or cutting into my beautiful purple cube for full sized disks, I think I would like to skip disks in the system all together.

So that brings us to the primary question: What is the BEST way to make the GC a diskless system?

And secondly: What is the CHEAPEST way to make the GC a diskless system?

If there's an open source project for this, I would be happy to help with development on it, or if it has been fully realized, I would be happy to do a run of PCBs for anyone interested.
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Re: Let's make my GC diskless!

Post by Papy.G » Thu May 13, 2021 7:49 am

Just drop a cheap exploitable fps' disc in your cube and forget about it. Add an sd interface, and you're set for SWISS/GBI/émus.

Fully diskless will lose compatibility and won't be exactly cheap.
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