CleanRip v1.0.5 - Wii/GC Disc Ripper Updated

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CleanRip v1.0.5 - Wii/GC Disc Ripper Updated

Post by emu_kidid » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:56 am

Almost 2 years later!

CleanRip has been updated to version 1.0.5 and comes with some new features & bug fixes

Whatsnew in 1.0.5:
* Built with latest libOGC git (as of 30/06/2012)
* Built with libntfs-2012-1-15 (SVN Rev 13)
* Async read/write support for faster dumps (tueidj)
* Fixed time remaining to be accurate (tueidj)
* Fixed a potential bug when writing next chunk (tueidj)
* Fixed DAT file downloads (now re-hosted on
* Use proper DVD init from PPC and kill the starlet DVD IRQ (tueidj)
* Fixed Motor Off error message at the end of dumps

Example of dump information provided as of 1.0.5:
--File Generated by CleanRip v1.0.5--

Filename: GMSP01
Internal Name: Super Mario Sunshine
MD5: 72C4860D8555D5E790628E348ABC244D
SHA-1: 26798080DE5E5C0F154915324C5C7DD6AA36056A
CRC32: 4C1D3641
Version: 1.00
Verified: Yes
Seconds: 545

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