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NeoGeo CD Redux
Author(s) Softdev, megalomaniac
Type Emulator
Version 0.1.52A.3 (unofficial)

NeoGeo CD Redux, a NeoGeo CD/Z emulator for the Nintendo GameCube console.


  • WKF support (load roms from FAT formatted SD card in WKF SLOT only)
  • IDE-EXI support
  • Automatic TV mode detection
  • Safemode Menu display (Hold L TRIGGER during bootup to activate)
  • Supports both SD(SDHC) and DVD loading

How to run it?


  1. Download one of the last releases of emulator (A2 or A3).
  2. Place emulator's DOL into your FAT32 SD card.
  3. Run it thru Swiss and SDGecko.


  1. Download NeoGeo CD BIOS and games (include ISO and MP3s).
  2. Place it into your SD:
    • BIOS Path: sd:\neocd\bios\NeoCD.bin (BIN name must be same!)
    • Game Path: sd:\neocd\roms\NameOfYourGame (you must unpack your ISO here!)
    • Audio Path: sd:\neocd\roms\NameOfYourGame\MP3 (rename audio files to Track01.mp3, Track02.mp3 and so on.)
  3. Run Emulator and then run games.
  4. Enjoy!


In Game

GCNController.png Action
GC D-Pad.png or GameCubeControlStick.png Neogeo DPad
GCNAButton.png A
GCNBButton.png B
GCNXButton.png C
GCNYButton.png D
GCNLButton.png Emulator Menu
GCNZButton.png Pause

In Menu

GCNController.png Action
GC D-Pad.png or GameCubeControlStick.png Navigate the menu
GCNAButton.png Enter Directory/Confirm
GCNBButton.png Parent Directory
GCNXButton.png Launch Game
GCNZButton.png Emulator Menu