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NinjaMod Modchip
NinjaMod Modchip
Generation IPL Replacement
Flash Size
NinjaMod 2Mb (16MBit)
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The NinjaMod is a commercially produced IPL Replacement based on open source design by tmbinc for the Nintendo Gamecube.


The software BIOS which the Ninjamod was sold with was a copy of GCOS version 1.4 with a different backdrop and re-labelled "NinjaShell". Controversy arose when the open sourced GCOS v1.4 code was re-labelled and made closed source and sold as the modchip BIOS since this broke the GPL conventions.


  • Direct No-Swap Boot of All Media
  • Support for all regions (PAL, USA and Japan).
  • 16Mbit flash memory for application storage.
  • DVD +-R Compatible
  • Create Backups to PC via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
  • Boot Homebrew via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
  • Supports BIOS Update via DVD or via network connection (Requires BBA adapter)
  • Only 7 wires to solder
  • Includes 2 different BIOS Banks ( Bank 1 = Ninja Shell, Bank 2 = User Programmable )

Developers Ninja Mod Team
CPU Lattice iM4A5-128/64
Modchip Type IPL Replacement
Features Gamecube BIOS
Installation 7 wires