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The One Touch Ultra Mini blood glucose Blood Balance Formula monitoring unit is only among the several dozen personal glucose meters available in the market today. I received this meter by a Diabetes Education Team and it was a complimentary unit. This product is manufactured by the Life Scan Company. Would you like to know more about this diabetes meter?

The first thing to know about this blood glucose meter is that it is very compact when you compare it to other units. It is 4.25 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and.75 inches deep. The shape is very easy to handle and the display window is oblong in shape which displays your test results in large, easy to read numbers.It comes with a travel pouch that can be attached to a belt or a purse. The inside has elastic loops to attach a vial of test strips and the lancing device. It also has a mesh zippered pocket to store more lancets.

The operation of this unit is very easy and it comes with an instruction booklet that is very detailed, easy to read and accompanied by useful illustrations. You turn this unit by inserting a test strip. It can store up to 500 readings and can be plugged to a computer to download the results using the special chord and software. Not too bad, huh?