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Hearing loss is caused by the things above, but Sonus Complete aside from this, there are tons more that have not been mentioned and maybe even unknown. If you only had one thing to take from this article it is to always take care of your hearing. Protection in order to prevent is the key to solving the hearing loss dilemma.Volume levels are increasing and the increased background noise in our daily lives means we are constantly turning the volume up so we can hear what we are listening to more. This has had a major effect on the lives on many with over 28 million Americans being deaf or living with hearing problems.

There is however, ways to prevent or delay a lot of hearing loss. Thanks to hearing aids becoming more comfortable to wear and more technologically advanced more people are able to retain their hearing.The increase in damaging levels of sound has meant that more and more young people are being diagnosed with hearing loss. Roughly 10 million Americans have irreversible damage to their ears from dangerous noise levels and 30 million are exposed to damaging levels on a daily basis.

Men between the ages of 45 and 64 have the highest levels of hearing loss with 365% and women 85% for the same age group. Hearing loss through ear infections including middle ear infections suffered by children, and loss due to noise levels is preventable.Experts agree hearing tests should begin as early as possible straight after birth. Otoacoustic emission testing for newborn babies can now accurately diagnose any hearing loss. Early diagnosis means that a baby can make the most of the first six months of life which is when its language skills first start to develop.