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Taking A Long Time To Heal? - If you are StrictionD finding that any cuts and bruises are not healing quickly then this could be due to poor circulation caused by diabetes. Pay close attention to wounds that are on the arms, hands, legs and feet as these areas are often the most poorly circulated by the blood. Infections tend not to heal well either as the lack of blood flow means less white cells get to the area where they are needed.This is a symptom that is often explained away as just being 'a bit run down' or 'too many late nights'. It occurs because the blood cannot get the glucose it needs to create the right level of energy. You may constantly feel tired and sleepy despite having plenty of sleep.

Fluctuation In Weight - Diabetes has been directly associated with obesity. Sudden weight loss for no apparent reason may seem great but it is a classic sign that something is not right. The downside of this is that the body begins to burn up muscle tissue as well as fat cells which in turn can cause damage to vital organs that are made up of muscle such as the heart. This symptom is more typically found in type 1 diabetes as opposed to adult diabetes.Sometimes it seems that fat is worse than sugar for managing your blood sugar levels. The real problem, however, occurs when Type 2 diabetics eat meals that are high in both carbs and fat.

Type 2 diabetics have issues with insulin. This hormone transports sugar out of your bloodstream and into your cells, but it also transports fatty acids out of your bloodstream as well. And when there is a lot of sugar in your bloodstream and a lot of fat in your bloodstream as well, insulin will be used to store fat first and sugar later. That's why eating a meal that contains both a lot of fat and a lot of sugar (it's about the absolute amounts, not the percentages), will always raise your blood sugar levels.