Wii Optical Drive Emulator

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Wii Optical Drive Emulator
WODE Modchip
WODE modchip
Generation Drive Replacement Chip
Max Supported Partition 2TB (or 3Tb in 2x 1.5Tb)
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General information

The Wii Optical Drive Emulator (WODE) is a drive replacement for the Nintendo Wii, which is attached solderless. It's possible to use it on a Gamecube too. On the GameCube the WODE can replace the entire DVD drive and allows to boot game backups from USB devices.


  • Play Wii & GC game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices @8X read speed (HDD and FLASH drive)
  • Complete Solder free install solution
  • Easy to use GUI - LCD & Joystick - NO homebrew software required (no any update of console SO can block this device)
  • Region hack, Update blocker, Autoboot.
  • Passthrough with FLAT-MOD mode built-in, play your DVD-R Wii & GC backups and Imports @3X read speed
  • Powerful ARM9 MCU
  • Totally Flexible Linux Kernel
  • USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection
  • Disc ripping
  • USB WiFi & SAMBA streaming

File System support

  • use existing WBFS formatted media or 'drag and drop' ISOs to existing USB devices
  • NTFS
  • WBFS
  • EXT3FS
  • HFS+

Installation on a Gamecube

View detailed how-to