Gamecube not outputting audio with any cables

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Gamecube not outputting audio with any cables

Post by TorqueEmPup » Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:00 am

I am asking this for someone else.

But anyway this is a Gamecube that will not output audio through the Multi-AV Port.
And yes multiple cables have been tried, and the port was cleaned.

But way back in 2006-2007 my own personal Gamecube had this exact issue, and at the time Nintendo had their own official community forums and someone on there had the fix.
It involved adding a jumper wire from the power board in the bottom of the console to the main board, and this cured the lack of audio output when I applied it to my Gamecube at the time.

Well the specifics of this fix seems to have been lost to time, and the Wayback machine scrapped the site from that time period, but ALL the scrapped pages from 2005-2006 redirect to a modern Nintendo "Oops we couldn't find that." page. (Nintendo possibly blocking crawling bots at the time?)

Only other info (or lack thereof) I can find while googling was one old forum, where an asshole was basically saying.
"I found the issue, and know how to fix it, but I am not giving away this info, if you want your Gamecube fixed you have to pay me to repair it."

Anyone else know of this issue, and have info on fixes?
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Re: Gamecube not outputting audio with any cables

Post by Papy.G » Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:10 am

I know I damaged my Platinum unit once while fiddling with the Digital AV out, I accidentally apply 12V to the digital out pin, what ended up having an Analog audio out not working anymore, except for scritches when pushing the volume up. Maybe just a cap and some resistors are damaged, or even the DAC, never tried to check wether the Digital audio out was still working, nor tried to repair it. I didn't have the knowledge to adress this issue, so I traded with a collector for two working ones (Zelda pack full and boxed<=>two loose GCs, all cables, one controller each, WW, and 007AUF + some GBA cables).
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