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Not64 damages HDD fat32 partition

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:09 am
by legocris
Hello GC foreverers? This is my first post and well it is to submit a bug. I have to say that maybe this is not the very best way/place to present myself but well writing another post might be too much, after all I only came to tell you about this bug and I don't know if I'll stay to be an active member xP, in fact my time here might be so little that I could be called the bug guy? or something like that haha Idk... By the way my name is Cristobal you can call me legocris, and the bug that I talk about is described bellow:

Well I've been trying to play Zelda Ocarina of Time with the default settings of not64 by using a fat32 partition of an HDD, I'm not using an SD card since that port of my wii is not working. The thing is that when I quit the game after saving on the "Old Deuku Tree" the fat partition of my drive becomes inaccessible, I have tested and the same thing has happened 3 times, I think the first time the drive wasn't completely accessible, only the apps folder was inaccessible and the windows tool that repairs drives managed to repair those errors, however after playing a bit more the drive was completely accessible. I also tried to use the Wii64 Rice version, however it doesn't even identifies my drive at all (even if the .dol file is actually loaded from there).

I have reformatted the drive using a cluster size of 32767
Thanks for reading

Re: Not64 damages HDD fat32 partition

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:38 pm
by lzer0
The Not64 doesn't do any damage to hard drives AFAIK, maybe your drive was already bad and by simply using it was what caused to go bad, before you used your hard drive with Not64, did you check its health/status? I recommend you to check it with Victoria and repair bad sectors, if bad sectors can't be repaired then rellocate them, but my bet is that you drive was already damaged beforehand.