Enable saving on a demo?

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Enable saving on a demo?

Post by SuperrSonic » Mon May 12, 2014 8:57 pm

There's a GC disc called Interactive multi-game disc ver. 16, in it there's a separate Game Boy Advance emulator for Mario vs. DK, a very similar build was later distributed in a "Naruto Collection" disc to tournament winners or something like that.

Both builds are missing save support and 32MB games are not working. Some games like the Sonic Advance trilogy have everything unlocked from the get-go.
Looking at the dol in a hex editor suggests it writes a save/sram1.bin and save/sram2.bin this is either disabled for the demo or it just writes the save to memory(?)

Performance-wise it plays many games at fullspeed than all the homebrew emulators currently available. There's also a nice looking lcd screen imitation not present in the GB Player, possibly because of problems with composite cables. The games display at 2x only and with an easily editable border. All four controller ports can be used at the same time to play. The screen width is 608 with a video encoder/viWidth of 666 and the border is 608x448 There is no in game menu but there is a button combo that takes you back to the demo select menu booting the original dol.

The cooler part of it is using Nintendont to run it, games that had slowdowns are now full speed. Unfortunately due to Nintendont being still very problematic the games can randomly freeze at any time without warning.
I tried many things to test it with devolution but it would never verify obviously.
The image is 19MB when using a 16MB ROM

Of course even now it's less than ideal to use but it got me curious with the huge speedup when using Wii mode if saving could be enabled or hacked in.
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