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Freeloader ntsc.jpg

Freeloader is a bootdisc based solution developed by Datel to circumvent regional lockout on the Gamecube. It allows unmodified Gamecubes to play original out-of-region (import) titles. Datel sold different versions of Freeloader compatible for use with NTSC (USA, JPN) and PAL (EUR) Gamecubes.

Freeloader pal.jpg


  • Launch and play imported GameCube games from any region.
  • No need to modify your console - keeps your warranty intact.
  • Add loads of new titles to your GameCube collection, including games never released in your region.
  • Play ANY region of games ANY GameCube.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Compatible with the Panasonic Q.
  • Not 100% compatible with the Japanese version of F-Zero GX and Paper Mario 2.
  • Does not allow use of DVD±R for homebrew or backups.

Important: When playing a Japanese game, the memory card will be re-formatted to Japanese settings, overwriting any existing US or European settings and any game saves stored on the card. Recommend keeping a separate card for use with Japanese games only.