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My favorite line is from the airlines. Overnight Millionaire System They say, "When the oxygen mask comes down, put it on your face before you attempt to help others with theirs." How come? Obviously it's so you can be coherent enough to help others. The same is true in life. You have to care for you first. Easy to say and understand, yet very hard to implement.Think of it this way. Suppose your kid came to you and said they wanted to take a course to improve him or herself. You'd probably give him or her the money and drive them every day. Suppose one of your kids said they were really feeling low and wanted to treat him or her self to a movie or a manicure or whatever. Again, you'd be right there.

But how come, when it comes to you, you can't make the investment in you or treat yourself? Because somewhere you feel you're tough and you should just get over it. Well, get over that thought. Only you can care for you. And if you're waiting for some knight or maiden to come to your rescue, it's not going to happen. Even your spouse knight or spouse maiden will not give you enough of, or the right kind of whatever is good for you. They don't know how and even though they probably want to help, they are not inside your head and don't have the capability to give you exactly what you want. Only you can do that.

Whenever I've taken a tennis lesson or golf lesson, all the guys that know about it start the razing. Additionally there is a self gauge that says, if I have to take a lesson then people will think I'm not that good.Well, my hero is Tiger Woods. He's really good and he has his coach Hank Haney and his caddy Steve William helping him constantly. People that want to get better and stay on top, hire coaches, take classes and get help from others.