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Macronix Digital Analog Converter
Video Signal Input Y′CBCR
Video Signal Output Y′PBPR
Video Resolution Output 480i/60Hz 576i/50Hz
480p/60Hz 576p/50Hz
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MXB012355 CMPV-DOL and MXB012455 CMPV-DOL are Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) IC's manufactured by Macronix specifically for use with the Nintendo Gamecube.

They are used to convert the Gamecube's Y′CBCR digital video signal to Y′PBPR analog signal officially supporting video resolutions up to 480 / 576 interlaced and 480 progressive. These IC's can also be reconfigured to support RBGHV VGA output, and with the use of homebrew, such as Swiss, capable of supporting up to 576 progressive video resolution.

These DAC's are included in the Official Gamecube Component Video and D-Terminal cable for use with Gamecube model DOL-001.

Component Video cable

The Component Video Cable provides video quality superior to that of other connections, including the RF modulator, composite video cable and s-video cable. It enables the use of progressive scan in supported games (or Forced progressive video output with Swiss. However, the analog cable was still required in conjunction for audio output.

The cable was available for purchase exclusively in Nintendo's online store, and the cables were eventually discontinued by Nintendo due to what Nintendo claimed was a lack of consumer interest. This cable is only compatible with DOL-001 models of the GameCube, as Nintendo chose to omit the Digital AV port in subsequent models of the console.

D-Terminal cable

The D-Terminal Video Cable is identical to the Component Video Cable with the exception of its physical output connection.


PINOUT MXB012355.png


C1 230 nF R1 75 ohm FIL1 80 ohm
C2 230 nF R2 75 ohm FIL2 80 ohm
C3 1 uF R3 75 ohm FIL3 80 ohm
C4 230 nF R4 115 ohm
C5 220 uF R5 14K ohm
C6 220 uF R6 23K ohm
C7 220 uF

12v Circuit and D-Terminal Connector

12v power circuit is only utilized and required for Japanese D-terminal connection... TV's which utilize a D-terminal connection require a data line voltage which will switch the displays video mode between interlaced / progressive.

The MX chip uses 12v power and associated board circuitry to reduce delivered data line voltage to 0v or 5v to the "black" pad. The "black" pad is the D-terminal connection for the data line. 0 V = 59.94i / 60i 5 V = 59.94p / 60p

PIN 20 performs internal switching to control delivery of data line voltage: 1. GC powered off...PIN 20 = ~9K ohm 2. bootup and "progressive mode YES NO" message displayed (interlaced)...PIN20 = ~80K ohm = 0v 3. once "YES" is selected, the chip will output progressive scan video and provide signal to D-Terminal...PIN20 = open = 5v


The MX chip is capable of switching between Component and VGA video output.

When Pin 12 is connected to GND (unmodified) the MX chip is in Component mode (YPBPR video output). To convert the MX chip for VGA output, simply lift Pin 12 from the GND pad and connect a 10K resistor between Pin 12 and 3.3v. PIN 21 and 22 are used for VGA vertical and horizontal sync.

1  R
2  G
3  B
4  -
5  -
6  GND
7  GND
8  GND
9  -
10 GND
11 GND
12 -
13 H-Sync
14 V-Sync
15 -

Selecting Progressive Mode

Progressive video mode can only be displayed on supported software titles*. To manually call the progressive mode selection prompt, hold the "B" button at boot up and the selection prompt will appear.

* Not all titles support progressive video mode output. These titles can be "Forced" to output a progressive mode display with Swiss.