Super Methane Brothers

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Super Methane Brothers
Author(s) infact
Type Game Port
Version 1.4.gc-r1
Licence GNU GPL v2

Smb title.pngSmb game.png

About the game

The goal of this game is to kill the baddies with your suck'n'gas gun and collect the goodies. Gameplay VIDEO Features of the Gamecube Port: Playable single and 2 player mode and all 50 levels! Fullscreen, Sound and Music! Highscore support is missing...

How to play

  • Press the A button on controller 1 to start the game in single player, press the A button on controller 2 for 2 player mode.
  • Use the Stick to move around the screen.
  • Tap the A button to fire gas from the gun.
  • Hold the A button to suck a trapped baddie into the gun.
  • Release the A button to throw the trapped baddie from the gun.
  • Throw baddies at the wall to destroy them.
  • Press START button to pause the game.
  • Press Z button to switch player graphics.