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Simply place the following code in the header area of a given template to add a centred heading with right justified view/talk/edit link functionality.

{{Navbar-header |Heading |Name of template }}



(the first unnamed parameter) Text that appears centered in the titlebar (the top bar).
(the second unnamed parameter) The name of the template, which is needed for the view · talk · edit links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.


switched from v · d · e mode to view · talk · edit, if plain=1 is set.
Specifies the title text color
(Deprecated) It used to provide a different background color, however the code has been updated to always give a transparent background


See {{Article Alerts Navheader}}, for an example.

See also

This template transcludes navbar, the source is more customizable.
For use in conjunction with Navframe divs, positions v · d · e opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature.
For use in conjunction with Collapsible tables, floats v · d · e opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature

Make use of meta-template to reduce code bloat and simplify editing:

Navigation templates comparison
view · talk · edit Collapsible Header color Image Groups Style (body)
{{Navbox}} collapsible navbox Left/right of body Yes Yes
{{Navbox with collapsible groups}} collapsible navbox Left/right of body and/or in each list Yes Yes
{{Navbox with columns}} collapsible navbox Left/right of columns No Yes
{{Navbox years}} collapsible navbox No No No
Collapsible attributes
Type CSS classes Javascript Collapses when Custom
initial state
Collapsible tables collapsible Defined in Common.js 2 or more autocollapse on page Yes Yes

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